Dec 23, 2007

How To Work From Home - Beginning Your Home Based Business

If you want to learn about how to work from home, then you'll want to read this article. Specifically we'll discuss how to start earning an immediate home income and then how to expand that as your working capital increases. You can use the following strategies to earn a full time income or just earn a small side income-- the choice is yours.

So, the first answer you need is how to get started, isn't it? Well, to work from home you need to find something that is simple to do. Something that will bring an immediate income, but not take up too much of your time. The first stepping stone to generating your own is the humble paid survey. Using paid surveys you get your work-from-home-business started without jumping in too deep and breaking the bank.

Anyone can get paid for completing surveys. Simply sign up to paid surveys service and you will gain access to a database of market research companies willing to pay you for your opinion. Apply for some surveys, receive and complete them on your PC and get paid through check or PayPal.

Completing a number of surveys on a daily basis can be quite a good income earner. But it doesn't stop there. After we have a reliable weekly home-based income coming in from paid surveys, we are going to expand. To expand we will take some of the earnings we are making from paid surveys and create a new income stream. The new streams will be commencing affiliate marketing or product promotion through eBay.

The process of creating the expanded income through affiliate marketing or eBay will be discussed in another article. For now, get the work from home income started by signing up with a paid surveys service.

To find out how to work from home using paid surveys to get you started visit http://www.instantcashpaidsurveys.com

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Dec 16, 2007

How To Start A Free Home Business?

Make $ 1000 per day! Make millions of dollars when you are sleeping!

One is used to seeing such advertisements on almost any webpage these days. Google's AdSense and AdWords are the buzzwords of marketing products, services, websites and what not. One is tempted with the overwhelming expectations of profits and windfalls without doing any work. That is why we have a plethora of advertisements about Work-At-Home, Work-From-Home, Earn-Without-Work and so on. Earlier the enticing words were - "you don't need to know HTML or any technical stuff." Now-a-days people promise you, you can make money even if you do not have a computer!

Most of the time it starts with a let-us-see-this type click, progressing to registration and ends up with a sigh of - 'I thought it was FREE but they want to suck my money.' Slowly a feeling of deja vu sets in. It should be clear that nobody is there to dole out money to anybody for no work.

The best way would be, if you are serious about online business, to learn some things about the basic requirements to do business on the internet, understand what it is all about and try to earn gradually like in any other business. Any business needs capital and certain essentials to sustain. However, with only a computer and an internet connection one can explore to find out the free resources generously offered by several webmasters and experts to carry on their own business of attracting web traffic. Once you familiarize to the internet environment and begin to earn some money, you can think of either 'quits' or 'go ahead.' But my advice would be to never leave your regular job or career if you have one.

If you are wondering how to start a free home business?, you can follow the steps below:

1. Have a computer with an internet connection at home.
This is a must. Have one personal and one or more business purpose email ids.

2. Plan to devote at least one to two hours on your home business.This is the most difficult part. Neither overdo it nor avoid completely.

3. Open a free website or a blog on any topic of your expertise or hobby.
Do not worry about what others are saying or doing. Every person has some skill or expertise. Try to build your site or blog on things you are confident even if it is gardening.

4. Apply for Google's AdSense program.
Applying is easy and getting approval should not be a problem if you read their policies and comply. Just type in 'google adsense' in any search box and visit their site to apply.

5. Apply for Google's AdWords program.
You may need to advertise your site to let the world know about your site or blog. This is called 'PPC' or Pay Per Click advertising. Your ad as per prescribed format in text or image style is displayed as 'impressions' on others' web pages and you are charged only when somebody clicks on your ad.

6. Submit your site to search engines.
There are millions of web pages. Most of the websites are known only through search engines whenever you type in a keyword in the search box. There are several sites offering both free as well as paid submissions. My suggestion would be to submit to Google which is free and quite simple.

7. Plan minimum expenditure to begin with on AdWords.
To begin with keep your damages small till you have mastered the technique. Nobody will reveal the so-called 'secrets' free of cost. Do not get tempted and waste money. Learning costs but it need not be expensive. Believe me, nobody can guarantee anything even if they promise the moon in this wonderland of internet business.

8. Explore ways to get traffic to your site without violating any guidelines of your web host or Google.
There are traffic based websites. Tread with caution exercising restraint and do not violate any terms and conditions you have accepted or your site will get banned from search engines.

Please do not start with affiliate marketing i.e., marketing somebody's products. Try to sell an item to your neighbor - you will understand how difficult it is! So trying to sell when the buyer and seller do not know or see each other is not an easy affair.

There are a number of resources and free stuff which can be used to develop your website or blog. It’s better to read some good articles and books to help you while you develop your home business.

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Dec 9, 2007

Make Money On The Internet

Sure, we all want the best, we all want more, but how can we do that? Do you keep working at the same job day in and day out? Should we continue to work for another person? Many people today are answering no, to both questions. You may be like thousands of others and are ready to fire your boss and start your very own business. If you want to work at home on the internet, you have to take the right steps to do so.

The internet is a vast expanse, therefore, you can take the skills you already have and create a business for yourself. For instance, if you are an artist, you should consider web design or graphic design as a business venture. This of course will require some software skills, but can be learned if you have the right skills in the first place. Those who make crafts as a hobby often find that their crafts can be sold on places such as eBay, for a profit as well. At the same time, many multi level marketing businesses allow you to sell and market their products to make a profit of your own.

You have many different roads to take on your path to understanding how you can make money on the internet. Your success will be determined by your level of knowledge in making it happen. You might have the skills to create fabulous crafts or graphics; however, simply knowing how to make the product or provide the service isn't enough. The internet is so large and filled with other people, just like you, that are trying to make their way that you have to be able to compete with them at the same time.

The services or products is the first step to creating your own internet business, however, you must also market, advertise, and work extremely hard to make it work. The first step to any internet business is having a website, whether you create the website yourself or have one created for you, it is crucial.

You have choices, you can either start an online business to supplement the income you currently make or you can go full force, start your own business and finally fire your boss. Either way, you can make money on the internet. Success is not something that is easy to accomplish, there are several factors that work together to determine your success. Things such as your personal investment, with energy and time, services, products, website, and marketing.

It is not something that is going to be quick or immediately. If you are looking to make money on the internet, it is going to take some hard work and commitment. You have to be able to compete with others doing the same thing and find success.

Nov 15, 2007

Ever Heard of Who Loves Money Scams?

Let me tell you about the real who loves money scams. "The truth is out there". Yes, indeed it is. Want to know the truth?
The truth is; there are NO who loves money scams! Yes, I know, hard to believe because there are so many scams in internet marketing that sometimes it's difficult to know what's real and what isn't.
I've had the same difficulty as you. I've spent a lot of money, searching the internet for internet marketing programs that deliver and the good ones are few and far between.
Who Loves Money is a terrific internet marketing program. And if you think the title is a bit crass, think again and be honest with yourself. You wouldn't be reading this if making money wasn't on your agenda. You're here because you want to know how to make money online, and even make money online for free!
I can tell you first hand that there are no who loves money scams. This is a great internet marketing book put together by two successful internet marketing guys, Kyle and Carson who basically are sick and tired of hearing how people are being taken advantage of by other internet marketing promoters.
They've had enough of the scammers out there and so spent a great deal of time putting this internet marketing program together. I have it and I've learned so much that I never got from all the other expensive internet marketing programs I've been sucked into buying.
Kyle and Carson show you how to start an internet marketing business for free. It's full of time saving tips and tools of the trade. Kyle and Carson not only wrote Who Loves Money but they are the founders of Wealthy Affiliate University and other exceptional products.
So take it from me who has spent lots of money and much time on internet marketing products that don't deliver, this is a tool that will help every serious internet marketing entrepreneur.
My Who Loves Money review is all positive. I've learned a lot. Who loves money pulls no punches. No need to consider it unless you're serious about being a successful internet marketing entrepreneur.
The content is fresh and useful. Who Loves Money covers things like niche hunting, keywords that sell, how to be a penny pincher and still make money online and so much more.
Kyle and Carson are self made millionaires and in Who Loves Money they save you heaps of time and money. They share what they have learned with you and also provide much needed support which so many other internet marketing programs don't.
So, there you have it in a nutshell. There are no who loves money scams. Who loves money? I do and I bet you do too.
To discover the secrets and tips of Kyle and Carson in Who Loves Money and if you're looking for personal internet marketing support and coaching then look no further. Go to http://WhoLovesMoney4u.com
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Oct 1, 2007

Saying "No!" To Household Debt

If you treat your home like a well established business, debt relief will follow.

People who successfully manage businesses do everything they can to cut costs and maximize profits. Shouldn't you do the same for your home?

If you are not already, pretend you are a business owner. You have a handful of employees and a good business model, but your margins are thin so you need to closely manage your cash flow. You spend most of your daytime hours figuring out ways to maximize your efficiencies and avoid accumulating debt.

Why? Because the last thing a business wants is to go into the red. The whole point of being in business is to MAKE money, not to owe other people money.

Business owners have to be careful not to get too deeply into debt. They have employees counting on them. They have customers who want fair prices, which the business can't keep offering if the overhead costs continue to rise.

Basically, running a smart business is all about making and saving money.

Yet somehow we tend to make the mistake of running our home finances completely differently. We too eagerly allow ourselves to get into debt. We end up wasting much of our hard earned dollars. We spend way more than we should, for things that we simply cannot afford.

If anything, we must be MORE careful with our personal finances. Our "employees" - aka: our family members - are counting on us to provide them with the safety and security they are entitled to.

If a business goes belly-up, the employees can find other jobs. If your family finances go belly-up, your family structure is at great risk, both financially and emotionally.

So it's time to start running your home finances like you would a well managed business. Debt relief does not come by itself. You have to take control and make smart decisions about your household finances.

Start by keeping a record of all your monthly expenses. Look at the list carefully and determine what can be reduced or eliminated altogether.

Become as ruthless at debt reduction as you can while still being realistic. If you know darned good and well that you're not going to be able to cut out Starbucks entirely, don't put "zero" down for your monthly Starbucks allowance. But do reduce the amount, and stick to it!

Then start attacking your debt the way you would attack business debt. Relief from these obligations will come as you systematically payoff your creditors one by one, starting with the smallest balance and working your way up.

Track your progress regularly. Have "board meetings" with the family members once a month to talk about how you're doing, and to make sure everyone is onboard with the new mission statement.

By all means, give your "employees" a bonus now and then - maybe a nice but inexpensive trip out for some dessert, or take a weekend vacation "camping" - just to let everyone know the boss still cares, and that you're doing it all for them.

About the Author: These debt reduction tips, and many others, can be found at Debt-to-Income.com, which is a new website that was created by money savings expert, Richard Gorham. Gorham is also the founder and President of Leadership-Tools.com and www.LeadershipAudio.com His websites are devoted to providing free and low-cost quality tools and resources for successful living.

Sep 25, 2007

Take a survey and make money from home

Why do companies pay to take surveys?

The wrong marketing approach can cost a company millions of dollars in loss. That’s why they would rather pay people to take surveys and get correct opinion – than giving it for free. Also by paying people, companies stand greater chances at getting people to participate in surveys. Besides for people it can be a great way to make money from home. By just writing a few surveys, people provide their honest opinion and take home a good income each month!

How much can you get paid?

The amount of payout for taking surveys will depend to a large extent on the length of the survey. Besides this, to start to make money from home you also need to take those surveys which are more intensive. This way you can earn more per survey, rather than doing many and earning lesser. While the longer surveys help you make money from home very quickly and in one shot, the shorter ones demand lesser time per survey. This means that you’re actually able to make money from home within a shorter time span. Some of the longer surveys even pay out 150 dollars for a single one. The focus group surveys are some of the most lucrative ones around. Some of them have been known to pay even 250 dollars for participation! You might take 1-2 hours to complete the focus group survey but it is definitely worth it since you make money from home very quickly.

How can I get started?

To get started to make money from home using online surveys you need to register your name and contact details on the site. To maximize your potential to make money from home it is best to go for sites that payout in cash or an equivalent form. Interestingly just 20% of sites pay in cash while the remaining do not.

How to locate such campaigns?

You can search for such paid surveys by hunting in your favorite search engine. While some companies act as marketing companies and process such surveys, others might be intermediary forces between such companies. No matter what the situation paid surveys represent great ways to make money from home. Besides a majority of such paid survey sites are free of cost and do not require you to pay any initial fees. This way you have nothing to lose and can make money from home without spending anything! Some other sites may ask for a cost towards membership. However the free sites are far better than the paid ones for sure.

About the Author: Have you heard of surveys? They’re simple and easy! What’s better? Surveys can help you earn an income from home. Taking a survey is the easiest way to make money from your living room! Check out Make money from Home today and start giving your opinion.

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Sep 23, 2007

The Most Important Tool You Will Ever Use In Your Home Business Internet Marketing"

What if you were taken to a shooting range for the first time, excited to get your first bulls eye. You get the best trainer in the whole place and you have more ammo than you ever need?

You step up to range and eye your first target and then your trainer blindfolds you and the target starts moving.

You can't see and you're shooting a moving target.

Are you going to ever hit it?

If you do you'd have to agree that you hit it out of luck and you're chances of ever hitting that target again are slim to none.

This is literally how most people think about marketing their network marketing business online.

They get excited. They get trained. They put on their blindfold. The target starts moving. They just start shooting until they run out of ammo.

Doesn't make much sense does it?

When you don't track what you are doing in your marketing you are literally putting on a blindfold and shooting at a moving target until your run out of ammo, which in a
marketing sense we're talking about time and more so money.

Why is the target moving?

Because your prospect aren't in one place, they move around don't they?

When you go online you don't just go to one place.

You check your email, you read a few great articles like this one, you search for things in the search engines, etc.

So do your prospects.

Take the blindfold off now!

Track what you do and you will start hitting the target much more often than you miss.


Because without tracking your marketing you really aren't marketing you're just throwing your money around.

Make sure that you are tracking every single aspect of your marketing. Commit to learning to be a master and savvy internet marketer.

There are several resources on the internet where you can track every single aspect of your internet marketing.
Do a search today and implement tracking into every single aspect of your marketing. Make this fun and enjoy the journey.

Find out how to if you could have real world live Internet network marketing training each and every week? What if you could learn in person what works, how to make it work.

Find out below now how you can profit today by having a marketing system and tracking system in place for your business enterprise. Find out below now to find out about a six figure first year enterprise or a marketing system for your current enterprise.

About the Author: Aniko' Fekete is a home business entrepreneur, coach, mentor and internet marketer. She passionately shares a business model that has revolutionized the industry & coaches serious entrepreneurs to a six figure first year annual income: http://easy.MagneticGPTModel.com

Sep 20, 2007

Stay focus on your home based business

Have you ever been doing your daily routine and then all of a sudden the phone rings?

It’s someone who immediately launches into a sales pitch for their product or service and tries to sell you something. Turns out, it’s someone who bought your name from some list. This list then gets sold a thousand times to people who really want your information.

This is something that happens to me all the time and I am sure it happens to you.

What do you do when you get these calls?

Most people feel annoyed. They may say something rude and hang up the phone, or not say anything at all and just hang up on them.

But I personally like these calls because they remind me of how I got started.

When you listen to these calls, you can tell they are blatantly reading from a script. Most people get these scripts from their companies. They are enthusiastic sales pitches, talking about how great their company’s moon juice is and how it’s going to change the world.

It’s funny, and I do crack a smile while going through the ordeal with them.

What are they doing wrong and why do I think it’s so funny?

Because they don’t even stop to ask you your name or if you have time to take the call and listen to them. They’re afraid that if they take the time to do that, you’ll hang up on them.

But people hang up anyway. So their approach does not work.

I take a different approach. I like to listen to their pitch. This reminds me of what it was like when I was out there doing the same thing. The scripts, the fast speech, the fear of not getting results… I was in that place before. And let me tell you, I learned from that experience.

Here’s what the callers don’t understand. At the time, I didn’t understand it either.

But now, I remember this one simple thing: save your breath because your prospects don’t care about your product!

This is a common mistake that I think we all make when we just get started. We find a product that has a big opportunity. We fall in love with not only the product, but the idea of making money.

But after the initial excitement wears down you ask, “What do I do now?”

The answer to that initial question is always the same. You’re told to turn into a robot and do what the company says. Read the script. That’s where the business will come. That’s what’s duplicable.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that having a strong conviction to your business is wrong. I DO think it’s an absolute key factor in your success.

But that’s not enough. You need to think from your prospects’ perspective.

Here’s the problem.

They don't know you.

They don't know your product.

They don't know your business.

And AT FIRST they don't care.

At the beginning, your prospects only care about what’s in it for them. When we sit down and recite the script to them, we are actually leaving the prospect out of the loop. This is not good and will not result in sales.

Don’t do what you are told!

So, what do they want?

ASK them what they want. Ask them what matters the most to them, what their biggest fears are, and what their greatest aspirations are. If only I had started asking them these things when I first started my career… Things would have gone a lot smoother for me in the beginning.

Reading a script AT them takes them completely out of the loop.

In marketing, the person that wins is the one that knows his or her prospects inside and out. Knowing their biggest problems and greatest dreams are what will help you. In marketing, this is the person who wins. Give them a solution to their problems and a way to help them with their dreams. This will bring them closer to you.

So I ask you...

Take some time to really think about your hopes, fears, and dreams are when it comes to your business.

Then, as you interact with your prospects, ask them. Don’t sell. Spend your time asking. It is the knowledge that you gain that will help you. And, take detailed notes when you are asking them so you can have a record of it.

Once you take the time to ask them, and then find a way that your business can meet their needs, that will put you light years ahead of the competition.

About the Author: Hugo Fortin is a MLM enthusiasm. He has a solution for you if you are sick and tired to have no leads for your MLM. Get all the detail here
===> http://www.prospectingandnetworking.com

Sep 19, 2007

Make extra money online and you don’t need the babysitter anymore

From the first time you hear the cries of your newborn child, you start weaving dreams for it. From that point on, your life seems to center around your child. Be it changing diapers, to helping with the school work to even being around during their teen years – it can be one of the most fulfilling experiences ever in a parent’s life. However, somewhere along the line, your own aspirations for a career seem to take a backseat as more pressing responsibilities take priority. But who said you needed to put a halt to a dream of a career? You can start to make extra money online with franchising!
Second innings
Even though you may have tremendous responsibilities at home while taking care of the child, sitting at home you could use the Internet to start to make extra money online. Yes, today there are plenty of opportunities available that help you make extra money at home without compromising on family life. Right from affiliate marketing, to writing articles for online businesses, to providing online consultancy services, to even franchising – you can do it all sitting at home!
Start franchising – and chuck the babysitter!
There’s nothing like attending to your baby by yourself. No babysitter in the world can ever be a substitute to mother’s love. Now you can actually make extra money at home without having your baby being looked after by some babysitter. Franchising can be a great way to make extra money online. All you need to do is pay a small initial deposit and the concerned business will help you set up your business. You get to promote their products and services and make extra money online while being in the comfort of your own home! Best of all, since you’re getting to be associated with a reputed brand, it’s that much easier to get sales! Franchising has helped many women get a second chance at a career and make extra money at home without the hassle of a regular job. Besides, franchising is much less expensive as compared to other forms of entrepreneurial businesses. It allows you to make extra money online while having the flexibility to work at your own pace, time and convenience. This is why it’s a great opportunity for moms.
Benefits of franchising
Franchising is less risky compared to other entrepreneurial efforts. It is high impact which means you get to make extra money at home in a very short time. You get to leverage the established network of the franchisor’s suppliers. Plus you don’t need to hunt around for advertising options nor do you need to spend money on promotions. The franchisor helps you with all this and more. As a franchisee you get to make extra money at home just by promoting their products. For every sale made, you earn a significant commission!
About the Author: If you’re a women looking to finance yourself through a work-from-home opportunity then the avenues available are numerous. You can make extra money online right form your living room! Go to Make Extra Money at home to find out more!

Niche marketing, Niche market products... It's hard not to make money!

Niche Marketing is selling a product or service online or offline, to a specific group of consumers. The product or service itself may also be classified as a Niche market product or service if it caters to a limited group of consumers. Like certain types of computer software for example.Do you remember a few years ago, hearing about a certain online business, that was successfully selling gift wrapped boxes of "poop"? Sounds weird doesn't it? But, guess what?...That small Internet business found a special "Niche" of consumers who cherished the idea of purchasing and yes... sending their former employer or ex lover, etc... a nicely wrapped package of... "Doo-Doo!"That my friend, is an extreme example of finding a unique Niche market of consumers! And a unique product!Unique from a marketing perspective for sure! (smile!)My point is... that one unique small online business got free worldwide news coverage and probably made a "ton" of profits! (Especially considering the value of their inventories!)Do you ever think about inventing and or marketing your own products? Can you imagine that? 100% Profits and Complete Control of pricing and marketing. Sure, you can earn a lot of money selling someone else's products... But the difference between selling for someone else, and selling for yourself, is similar to the difference between loving someone and being "In Love" with someone!Your enthusiasm, passion, patience, endurance, and determination to succeed increase tenfold! Why?Because you're doing this for you. And those who are important to you. And also because you know you'll be making 100 percent profits! (big smile!) YEAH!!!Please forgive my enthusiasm! (Ahem!) I was getting ready to say.... The best route to a profitable Internet or offline business that will generate a proper income...is to sell or resell your very own products. And you don't have to reinvent the wheel to sell tires! This is where owning the Master Resale license to what you are selling is the perfect answer for those of us who don't have the time or expertise to invent our own products.With most Master Resale rights products you have the freedom to alter what you will charge for your products.Advertising prices are constantly rising, and if you are not in a position to change the price of your products, your profit margins will dwindle. Especially if you advertise using pay per click models like Google Adwords.And as an added bonus when selling Niche market products youll find your advertising cost to be considerably cheaper. That is because you won't have as many competitors in a specialized market to share advertising space with! Heck... you may even need to lower the price of your products to remain competive in your marketplace. That's another good thing about owning the resale rights to your products... Usually once you make your first sale, everything else is 100 percent profits. So you can afford to lower your price if you have to and still make 100% profits! And the most efficient route to success is to find a unique specialty market (Niche Market),where the competition for customers is not nearly as fierce as it is in the general marketplace. To stay ahead of the competition, you should sell the very latest and most sought after Software titles.Selling Software means that your customers pay no shipping charges, and they also have the satisfaction of downloading their purchase instantly. Or you can burn CD's and personally sell or ship them! Guess What... You can even do both! Online and Offline!Obviously you'll also need to sell products that people are willing and happy to buy. Powerful, unique niche market products. Products that can be updated. Products that are easy to use and affordable.There are thousands of new websites going online everyday.And even more people who are interested in starting an online or home business.Why is that a good thing for you? Because... they all need high demand products to sell, marketing and promotion software, content, and resources to build or enhance their websites or home based business.You'll also find many entrepreneurs who don't want to go through most of the technicalities of building a website, but just want to start selling their very own products.Now imagine you stepping in at their point of need, with a Complete online, or even offline business package.Professionally designed and written niche websites, with products to sell included! Imagine your products having the potential to save your customers tons of time, money, misinformation, and frustration!Imagine you, helping people all over the world begin to make their dreams come true! Wouldn't that be fabulous? Can you see and feel the potential? I started my Niche market software business in October 2006... two days after launching my website I had my first sale to a customer who lived in Puerto Rico! I have never visited Puerto Rico! But I have a customer there now! That is still amazing to me. I love it!Thank technology for the Internet. All of the sales that I have since then have been 100 percent profits! And you can do the same as me... maybe even better!Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to read this article. Don't forget what I said!Have an excellent day!Copyright © 2007 Nicholas Busbee All Rights Reserved Worldwide

About the Author: Nicholas Busbee has been in Sales, Public Speaking to groups of up to and over 20,000 people, and Radio Broadcasting from Classic Rock & Roll to Hip Hop & R+B, for over 25 years. His website helps people start their own home based business selling software,e books and instructional videos. www.BestCoolWebsiteTools.com/ and www.Physicians-From-Hell.com/

Sep 18, 2007

The CashCrate Project: One Site, One Month, One Hour A Day

As a stay at home mother, I have tried plenty on work at home opportunities with limited success. Recently there has been a lot of buzz about a new get-paid-to (GPT) site called CashCrate. Get-paid to sites are often downright scams or pay so little that it isn’t worth your time and effort. I spent many hours everyday about four years ago while pregnant with my third child participating in these sites and most never paid me at all. CashCrate seems different. CashCrate offers surveys for people to fill out for a certain amount of money. The amount you can earn for each survey varies from about 40 cents to several dollars. I have heard of plenty of people making good money. I have done a few offers and received my check for a little over 18 dollars a few days ago. I made that by doing only a few surveys now and then throughout the month. It is free to join and free to fill out most of the surveys. There are higher paying offers that ask for a credit card and/or a small fee. But I’m really interested in the 100% free offers. Now I know that CashCrate does actually pay, I want to see how far I can take this thing. After all, a lot of those people making hundreds of dollars probably have dozens of people referred under them. So I propose an experiment. I will determine how much an average person can make on CashCrate, using no money, and only spending one hour a day doing surveys. Also I won’t count any referral income so people can get an accurate idea of how much they can make without referrals since many people (like me) aren’t good at getting people to sign up under them. If you want to join the experiment, sign up on my site through the link below. This should be a lot of fun, even if we discover that there isn’t a lot of money to be made. At least then we will know and we will have only wasted an hour a day over one month. Plus we’ll be helping other people learn whether CashCrate is worth it or not. So to sum up, I will be spending one hour every day for the next month filling out forms on CashCrate. I will not be counting any referral income (since I don’t have any). I will not be using any tricks. And I will only be doing 100% free offers requiring absolutely no money on my part. The reason I am doing this is to show people exactly how much can be made on CashCrate in one month with very little time, no money and no referrals. I’ll be posting my progress on my website. Feel free to follow along for a while before deciding whether or not to join.One last thing, if you decide to join up but you want to also try and get referrals, go ahead. CashCrate has the account information set up so you can tell exactly how much money you have earned from your referrals. It should be easy enough to subtract that amount from your total to accurately determine how much you have earned on your own.

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About the Author: Jennifer Carpenter is a work at home mother of three, two teens and a preschooler. She has worked online for six years through a variety of businesses. She is currently working to achieve financial freedom for her family through article writing and Internet marketing. See how she does it all at http://www.livingmybigdream.com

Internet Income Business FAQs

By asking questions before starting an internet income business and finding out what is actually involved in building an online home business will not only prepare you for what lies but speed up your progress as well.For existing internet income business owners make it your business to keep learning and implementing to keep up-to-date with the ever changing internet marketing environment.Here are some of the queries recently received and hopefully the brief explanation to each query will help you with your internet income business.Q: “As I do not have money to spend on advertising are there ways to get targeted visitors to my site for free?”Absolutely! Some of the most effective internet marketing methods for driving targeted visitors to your website are free, such as article marketing, forum posting, blogging as well as submitting your link to the web directories. Although the effects of this type of marketing take a while to kick-in the huge advantage is that you are creating links back to your website which continue to attract targeted visitors to your website well into the future.Q: “I have just opened a Google Webmasters Account and I see I have to submit a sitemap of my internet income business website. How to I make a sitemap?”A great resource that will not only generate a sitemap of your website, but also give you step by step instructions on how to upload it to your server is http://www.sitemapspal.com/.Q: “I have so many questions that I need answers to, is there a central place I can go to on the internet to find the answers?”Some of the best places to get answers to your questions are in forums. You ideally need to join a forum that is related to the theme of your business. Do a search for internet marketing forums and join a couple, introduce yourself and spend time going through the posts and see if you feel comfortable in the environment. If you don’t feel ‘at home’ move on and find another forum. If you don’t find answers then post questions yourself. Once you have your answers you will then also be in a position to contribute to the forum by answering other posters questions.Q: “My internet income business has been up and running for a month now and I have not made any online income yet and really think it is a scam and certainly not a legitimate internet income business.”It not only takes time to build an internet income business but also persistent and consistent work to build an internet business to the point that it makes online income. A legitimate internet income business is one that has been proven to work by others who are making online income and one that works if you work it like a real business and not a hobby. Q: “I want to start an internet income business that is guaranteed to provide me with online income.”There is no magic formula to starting an internet income business and making online income – those that are generating online income are those that are doing the work. There certainly is no guarantee how much income you will make because it is dependent on the work you put in.Q: “I am keen to start an internet income business but I don’t want to get involved in internet marketing.”Internet marketing is the best way that a business is going to gain exposure on the internet and therefore something you will need to take the time to learn and implement and continue to learn new skills to keep up with the rapidly changing pace on the internet. If you are not interested in internet marketing then perhaps an internet income business is not for you.Q: “I signed up for a so-called fully automated e-commerce enabled website, but I have not received any visitors to my site yet.”A fully automated site is one, for example, that would automatically process orders and payments as well as have an auto-responder installed to send out emails responding to visitor sign-ups and sales. An automated site does not have a magic mechanism installed to attract targeted website visitors.Q: “I immediately upgraded my membership to the highest level in order to take full advantage of the compensation plan, so when do I get paid?”In network marketing or multi-level marketing programs you need to start marketing your business and recruit new members into your team. Once those new members either upgrade or sell products you will be paid a percentage of the commission. You will also be paid commission on any sales you make. Some internet income business programs have different levels of upgrades and the higher the upgrade the higher percentage commission you will be paid. Q: “Can you tell me why it is an advantage to own my own domain name rather that just marketing an affiliate link?”Owning your own domain name is a must for online success. Most importantly, it gives you total control of your internet income business. You will have full access to the source code enabling you to optimize your website for the search engines with your chosen keywords, resulting in improved search engine rankings. You will be able to promote whatever programs you like on one website. Affiliate links rarely appear high up in the search engine results but own domain names do. Q: “What will I gain by upgrading my membership?”Some internet income business opportunities are totally free and you are able to earn commission as a free member, but by upgrading your membership you will receive a bigger percentage of the commission and be able to take full advantage of the compensation plan. Q: “How can I improve my search engine rankings?”Firstly, optimize your website for the search engines. Then continually aim to increase the back links pointing to your website. You can do this by writing articles and ensuring that in the author’s resource box you hyperlink your keyword phrase back to your website. Do the same linking in your forum signatures too.It is highly beneficial while building your internet income business to keep asking questions, learn and take action, because the more knowledge you can gain about marketing on the internet the further you will propel your online home business forward.

About the Author: Cynthia Minnaar is the owner of www.cyns-home-biz.com, the internet income business site for online home business startup ideas & online income opportunities and resources. Subscribe to my Free Online Home Business Newsletter and receive free Internet Income Training plus business building tips and tricks. You may publish my article if you include the bio.

Sep 16, 2007

How To Make Money Online Fast

Have you noticed lately how many people are searching for how to make money online fast? There are many, many people, who are all making a very good living on the internet. Having said that, though, there are also countless others that are less fortunate and have yet to make a dime, much less a bundle.
Learning how to make money online fast can be as simple as doing what you love most. In other words what are your interests? When you answer to this question, you can usually find a way to turn this talent or interest into how to make money online fast.
There are lots of people who get on the internet hoping that they will be able to learn how to make money online fast, but most usually without a clue as to where to start.
It is certainly possible to learn how to make money online fast, but you need to be willing to put in the investment of time, patience and a little money.
If you want to learn how to make money online fast, then you will need to find a proven system that will give you the quickest return on your investments of time and money.
Regardless of what you read or hear, there is no way to get rich quick online, even though you will find many websites that claim that this is possible.
If you want to learn how to make money online fast, you will find that joining an affiliate program will always make you money much faster than trying to promote your own product. Getting referrals seems be a key factor for anybody seeking to make money online fast.
Since you have no products to create or ship, and no angry customers to deal with, selling other peoples products is the fastest way to start making money online. An easy way to learn how to make money online fast at home and almost anyone can profit from it, would be affiliate marketing.
Even though it can be quite a challenge to find a genuine opportunity to learn how to make money online fast, you can do it if you know all the right places to look. Bottom line is, you will need to decide fairly quickly if this is the opportunity for you or not.
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Sep 14, 2007

Skills you need for your Home Business

For those who have a lot of free time and been meaning to do something about, a home business would be perfect. Setting up businesses from home has become a trend because of less stress as compared to working in a company. However, a home business is not just like setting up a lemonade stand on the front porch. It involves a lot of work. If you are serious on starting a business at home, there are certain skills you need to master. This is because one needs these skills for the successful operation of ones business. Planning A core skill that one businessman or woman should possess is the skill of planning. Planning is essential to business. Before doing anything or going into the business, you must have a concrete business plan. Think of it as building a house. The business plan is the blueprint of the future of your business. Include all your objectives, steps on how you'll accomplish them and your time frame. If you are serious with opening the business, it is essential that you do market research. This whole research is part of the whole planning event. Using the data collected from research, the business can plan effectively. Selling Although not all businesses involve selling, almost all businesses have some form of selling. Selling is as important or even more important than the invention of a product. Without the right selling skills, a good product can go to waste. Investigate on the companies selling the same products and how they are doing. Study on how you're selling approach would be by studying their strengths and weaknesses. But the real gist of selling is in knowing your target market. Know your customers needs so that you can reach out to them. Marketing This is always important in a business. The marketing plan is always vital to a business. With effective marketing, your business will surely be successful. Start with giving out business cards to your friends, family members and acquaintances. Make sure that people are aware that you have a business. Fliers are also a good idea. Hand out fliers around your neighborhood. Post them on bulletin boards. Remember to make people know the essentials about your business. These three skills are the pillars of a good business. Mastering them will be most useful in your business. Remember to get support from your family members and friends. Get the necessary permits and licenses and procuring the necessary equipment for your business. Starting your home business will not be an easy task. These three skills will help you to maximize your business growth and profit.

Sep 13, 2007

Business Opportunity Make Money At Home

A business opportunity make money at home program is a fantastic way to do business because of the popularity of the internet. It is easy to have your own internet based home business with no inventory to buy or stock. This gives you the opportunity to work out of a home office since you don't have a store front.
If you are new to internet marking, it is important to choose the right business opportunity make money at home program as your first step. Another key ingredient to becoming successful online is your level of commitment and effort.
A serious business opportunity make money from home program, is one that will allow you to operate a profitable business for as long as you choose. Home business opportunities that are not legitimate will usually fold within a few years after beginning their business, or they may constantly be changing commission rates or policies, making it hard to earn a steady income. This is clearly why people want to find a legitimate home based business opportunity.
Operating an eBay business, is one option for a business opportunity make money at home program. Even though there can be some big challenges, there can also be some huge rewards.
A business opportunity make money at home program allows you to build a website where people can come to find your services. Sometimes you can find opportunites that will build a free website for you, and charge a small monthly management fee. These free turnkey websites often have multiple incomes streams built into them for convenience. Your job is the get targeted traffic to promote your turnkey website and collect the paychecks.
Get your Free turnkey website at http://www.find-it-here1.com (Free $299 Value) with multiple income streams to get you started making money online today.

BEWARE! Work At Home Scams!

Can you just imagine the benefits of working from home?
There you are working at your leisure, you can work when you want, with whom ever you want. Plus you are enjoying and earning money in the bargain.
Wouldn't you like this luxury? I think we all would.
But with this desire there comes an opportunity to be trapped by unscrupulous scamsters who promise you riches but take your money instead.
There have been many, many people who have rushed head first in the mad dash for the promise of work at home riches
The following is but a few scams you need to watch out for.
"Envelope Stuffing Scams"
You are required to send of for details of this "opportunity" The company will send you back details and all you need to do is stuff envelopes which the company sends you. So you stuff the envelope with stuff, and send it back to the company, bare in mind this has cost you time and expenses like shipping and buying envelopes...and what happens next? Nothing! The company doesn't send you any money for your efforts.
"Data Entry Scams"
There are many adverts especially online which promise instant wealth. All you have got to do is just type information from home. Usually these jobs are about typing Google Adwords as required by the company, they supply the keywords, you pay for them and then simply advertise for "Data Entry " jobs which leads the customer to their site.
Well, you might as well do your own Google Adwords campaign, use your own money for advertising, and make 100% profits and stuff the company who is trying to stuff you cause if your adverts do make a sale you'll only receive a paltry commission.
Beware though If you do your own Google Adwords campaign and don't know what you are doing then you can serious burn a hole in your pocket as 10 cents a click might sound cheap. But get the campaign wrong and you can potentially lose a lot of money. But in saying that there are companies and individuals who do make a great living out of Google Adwords.
To do this on your own all you need is a Click bank and Google Adwords account and don't need to pay money to do it.
"Call 1-900 Scam"
You call a 1-900 number which is not toll free. You hear a message about a home business opportunity or a work from home job So you pay for the call and end up getting information which is of no use to you.
"Sending E-mail Scam"
The promise: Make an income by just sending e-mails. But first you have to pay the company for the necessary instructions. And in return you get a list of e-mail id's to which you have to send e-mails. At best you are probably spamming people and its YOU who will get disciplined and be penniless.
"Carvet Emptor"Buyer Beware.
There are many scams circulating...those above are just a few mentioned. Before spending your hard earned money, be careful and do your research before taking on any kind of work at home opportunity and if any company requires payment upfront. Don't. Its most likely you won't see that money again.
Did You find these tips on data entry jobs useful? Find out who are the best companies online for kind of work so you can avoid being scammed...With a totally FREE report that details whether or not these companies keep their promises

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