Sep 13, 2007

BEWARE! Work At Home Scams!

Can you just imagine the benefits of working from home?
There you are working at your leisure, you can work when you want, with whom ever you want. Plus you are enjoying and earning money in the bargain.
Wouldn't you like this luxury? I think we all would.
But with this desire there comes an opportunity to be trapped by unscrupulous scamsters who promise you riches but take your money instead.
There have been many, many people who have rushed head first in the mad dash for the promise of work at home riches
The following is but a few scams you need to watch out for.
"Envelope Stuffing Scams"
You are required to send of for details of this "opportunity" The company will send you back details and all you need to do is stuff envelopes which the company sends you. So you stuff the envelope with stuff, and send it back to the company, bare in mind this has cost you time and expenses like shipping and buying envelopes...and what happens next? Nothing! The company doesn't send you any money for your efforts.
"Data Entry Scams"
There are many adverts especially online which promise instant wealth. All you have got to do is just type information from home. Usually these jobs are about typing Google Adwords as required by the company, they supply the keywords, you pay for them and then simply advertise for "Data Entry " jobs which leads the customer to their site.
Well, you might as well do your own Google Adwords campaign, use your own money for advertising, and make 100% profits and stuff the company who is trying to stuff you cause if your adverts do make a sale you'll only receive a paltry commission.
Beware though If you do your own Google Adwords campaign and don't know what you are doing then you can serious burn a hole in your pocket as 10 cents a click might sound cheap. But get the campaign wrong and you can potentially lose a lot of money. But in saying that there are companies and individuals who do make a great living out of Google Adwords.
To do this on your own all you need is a Click bank and Google Adwords account and don't need to pay money to do it.
"Call 1-900 Scam"
You call a 1-900 number which is not toll free. You hear a message about a home business opportunity or a work from home job So you pay for the call and end up getting information which is of no use to you.
"Sending E-mail Scam"
The promise: Make an income by just sending e-mails. But first you have to pay the company for the necessary instructions. And in return you get a list of e-mail id's to which you have to send e-mails. At best you are probably spamming people and its YOU who will get disciplined and be penniless.
"Carvet Emptor"Buyer Beware.
There are many scams circulating...those above are just a few mentioned. Before spending your hard earned money, be careful and do your research before taking on any kind of work at home opportunity and if any company requires payment upfront. Don't. Its most likely you won't see that money again.
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