Aug 14, 2008

My Family Doesn't Take Me Seriously!

I can't tell you how many times I hear from working mom's that people don't take their home based business seriously. Unfortunately, when I ask them how they react, they don't have real definitive answers for me.

Remember, unless you take your own business seriously, no one else will. You must establish working hours, rules that family members must follow, and rules you must follow.

I know, you started your business so you could be your own boss, work when you want, spend more time with your family, have more flex time.

Yes, you can have these things, but you also have to make decisions regarding your business. If your business is secondary to all of the other things, then just like everyone else you are not taking your own business seriously, so why should anyone else. Your business has to be the first priority, not your house, your yard, your cooking and cleaning, your kids and/or family. I am not saying your family is not important, they are; but you must make them realize that what you do as a business person is important, and that you need your time and space to do this.

Remind them that when you worked outside the home they couldn't ask you a question whenever they wanted or to talk with you whenever they wanted to. I know, this is one of the reasons you wanted to work from home so that you could better deal with these issues. Well you can, but you have to schedule them in. Put the time in your daily schedule to deal with the unexpected and you will be better able to deal with it all.

I work my business, but still get the other things done. However, I have a schedule and I stick to it. My work day starts after the cleaning is done. I've set time aside Friday morning to shop, Saturday to do a full cleaning. I still have plenty of time to myself and to have fun.

So schedule the fun things in. Time with the kids, and the family. And remember, unless you take your business seriously... neither will anyone else.

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